Season of going out with a sweater, jacket and not knowing if you will have enough or not, of short days, of rains … season of moving from home to get rid of that sadness that always hits us the melancholic autumn.

Because staying at home is not an option, there are a few plans to get the most out of autumn.

  1. hunt mushrooms in Collserola

Without leaving Barcelona we have one of the plans that require more patience, and a little sacrifice, because you will have to get up early, but the satisfaction of returning home with a basket full of mushrooms is well worth it!

Once there, it is best to look in the deepest places of the forest, sections of roads and if it can be during the week then much better!

And if you want to get away from Barcelona, ​​the regions of Berguedà and Ripollès are good for mushrooms.

  1. Castañada and Hallowen in Barcelona

Whether you are one of the most traditional or if you like terror, Barcelona has plans for everyone.

For the latter, from November 1 to 3 on Poble Espanyol It becomes one of the darkest places in Barcelona, ​​games, contests and foodtrucks to enjoy with the whole family

And yes, tradition is your thing, in 31 places in Barcelona, ​​chestnuts are organized, as in Center civic casa groga or the can ferró gardens where there will be a makeup workshop, competitions and many more activities

  1. Theater

If you are not too cold, the theater is one of the best options, a good cultural dose, laughs, cries and that feeling that leaves the theater of always wanting more. We recommend a special one for this time, “ The old man Frankestein “, a hit on Broadway, will be until November 9 at the Tivoli Theater

  1. Circus

The biggest show in the world, for children, young and not so young … has arrived in Barcelona by the hand of Cirque du Soleil , with the show dedicated to Messi, a brutal show that will be until January 4, and that we can assure that even the most parakeet fan will like.

  1. Chestnut Ride

Is there anything better than stopping at a chestnut stand, buying a cone and going for a walk in Barcelona? We think not, that’s why we encourage you to swell chestnuts, while this beautiful season lasts.

These are some of our proposals we hope you have a good autumn

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