Cursed by some for the damn allergies and blessed by almost everyone who likes terraces more than the sofa and blanket, the summer trailer is here, spring has arrived.

The good weather begins and it shows, your mental agenda goes from having a couple of weekly residual plans, little by little, you need a secretary to be able to manage all those “beer” afternoons (which we all know how they end up)

And in this increase in plans we want to give you some options to enjoy this spring to the fullest:

1.        Picnic

It is the ideal season, neither too cold nor too hot, take your tablecloth, friends, family and choose from one of the many parks that Barcelona has, relax and enjoy a great day and if you feel lazy to cook you can always bring some pizzas.

2.       First Bath of the year

A plan for the most sugarcane, we know that the water is cold, but if that 80-year-old man who comes out in the news who bathes every day of the year can, you can too.

3.        Visit the MNAC

Just climbing to the top, it’s worth it, because the views from the National Palace are spectacular and the photo for a good posture in Instagram is almost a must. Inside you can visit the permanent collections and until May 20 the exhibition of Bermejo , one of the geniuses of the Spanish painting. And the best thing is that afterwards you can eat a good arrocito in Hold me to round the day.

4. Visit the botanical garden

Situado en Montjuic con 14 hectáreas de extensión, se pueden encontrar todas las especies de plantas mediterráneas, y es una buena opción para pasar en familia y empaparse de cultura botánica y naturalista.

5. Walk and walk

It is one of the best ways to get to know the city and discover places that you do not usually go to, do a little tourist in your own city is never bad and more if good weather accompanies

These are some of our proposals we hope you have a good spring

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