Grilled cuisine

Grilled cuisine

It is the oldest culinary technique, an ancestral cuisine rooted in our culture, present in tradition and the most avant-garde elaborations, because the grill is related to celebration a technique that, respects the product and enhances nuances and textures.

But we must be careful because the grill is not suitable for all kinds of food, sometimes it takes out its essence and is better to use another technique.

When cooking on the grill, some factors are important such as the temperature,  it must be very hot so that it seals the meat causing the juices to remain inside. It is also important the quality of the coal and let the coals rest so that they are in perfect condition.

In Abrassame we have 2 types of grilled utensils that are the centre of our kitchen:


Grilled oven:

A grill inside an oven that combines the virtues of both, with a handle to control the intensity of the embers.


Open grill:

The classic grill, with the embers on the bottom and a handle to raise and lower the grill to control the heat that the food receives.


2 grills, which are the centre of our kitchen and where we cook meat and fish that you can come and try whenever you want at Abrassame

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