The artichoke and its benefits

The artichoke and its benefits

The Artichoke, one of the stars of the autumn-winter season, a unique and delicate flavour full of personality.


A very complete vegetable, which Spain is one of the largest producers, can be cooked in an endless number of ways, fried, in the oven, in rice, and has many properties that are very beneficial to our system:

Its high water, fiber and inulin content is directly related to a positive product for digestion, fat burning and cholesterol control.

Cynarin and luteolin, a flavonoid present in many green and yellow plants, give the artichoke a clear hepatoprotective effect, improving liver function, as well as restoring damaged liver tissue, while being choleretic, i.e. stimulating bile production by the gallbladder.

Vitamins A and C give it an anti-radical, antioxidant and anti-inflammatory effect.


Many properties, for a vegetable that we like to prepare, grilled with a little oil and salt.


We wait for you in Abrassame to try them!

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