Paella and rice dishes in Abrassame

Paella and rice dishes in Abrassame

One of the most iconic traditions of Spanish cuisine, the Sunday paella. family or friends gather to talk about anything but that the next day is Monday.

One of the most Mediterranean preparations that revolve around the second most cultivated cereal in the world, which is found in different varieties, wild, long grain, short grain and the one used for paella and other types of Spanish rice dishes, the medium grain.

Paella was born in Valencia due to the need of the farmers and shepherds for an easy to prepare the meal and with the ingredients, they had at hand in the field, a preparation that has become possibly the most famous Spanish dish worldwide.

In Abrassame, the Mediterranean is our speciality, we prepare our version of the paella, with 3 types: The vegetarian, seafood and the more traditional with meat.

We prepare two mellow rice dishes, one with mushrooms and the other with ribs, clams and mussels, and one of the stars of the menu: the lobster rice.

If you want to see the whole list and its ingredients you can access through the link (


If you’ve got a crazy desire to eat a good rice dish, we’re waiting for you at Abrassame 7 days a week!

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