Yes, ladies and gentlemen, it is spring time, although the weather is more of the autumn-winter season. And in the spring the blood alters, the plans to end hibernation also arrive. Next, we will recommend you super plans that are being cooked in Barcelona and you can get the most out of the city.

Romantic Plan:

  • April 23th, Sant Jordi. It is a very special day for Catalonia, it is our particular Valentine’s Day. The tradition is to walk along the Ramblas of Barcelona, where many writers meet and sign their copies for their readers. Also give the loved one a book or a rose, whatever he likes the most.

More and more couples are encouraged to celebrate this day in a special way. Cooking a well-cared dinner at home, going on a weekend getaway, seeing a play or doing the more traditional plan, movies, dinner and bed. A good movie in Las Arenas cinemas, dinner at Abrassame and you look for the bed 😉

Friki Plan:

  • Are you a super fan of Star Wars? Well, you’re in luck. In El Pueblo Español they are traveling daily to a galaxy far, far away! In El Pueblo Español tent they exhibit a private collection of the famous film saga where fans and collectors can live an unforgettable experience. You sign up? You can visit it from now until June 6 from Monday to Sunday from 10:00 in the morning until 20:00 in the afternoon… and may the force be with you! More info

Planes de Primavera en Barcelona

Dancing plan:

  • For the youngest and not so young. After two years of confinement our body asks for joy and a great desire to dance and where better than in charming environments, outdoors, with good DJs playing the best electronic music, people who are going to have a good time, laugh and enjoy. Yes, we are talking about Brunch-in-Barcelona. The best electronic music party in the city. Visit their website and reserve a ticket, they fly! In addition, they have set up areas where they give workshops and activities for kids. In short, top plan.

Family plan:

  • If you have children, sign up for this plan. Look, Grate, Create… at the Fundació Miró!

In this workshop carried out by the Fundació Miró, children from 6 years old will explore the architecture of the building, its shapes and different textures. The workshop will be given on Sundays May 15 and June 5 at 11 in the morning and lasts approximately 1 hour and a half. So, it is the perfect time to go down from the foundation taking a walk around Montjuïc, come visit us and enjoy our delicacies on our terrace with panoramic views. More info

Culture plan:

  • May 18th is the International Day of Museums. 16 years ago, they had the brilliant idea of museums and cultural centers opening their doors for free to commemorate their day. What better way to promote and spread culture? Berlin was the pioneer city in holding this event, now there are more than 120 cities from all over Europe that have joined this celebration.

It has become an essential annual event, which gains more followers every year. In addition, so that there is more influx, they always celebrate it on Saturday. So, save this date well, May 14th, The Night of the Museums. Organize well which museums you want to visit, in order to get the most out of it. The schedule is from 7:00 p.m. to 1:00 a.m.

Planes de Primavera en Barcelona

We are very lucky to live in Barcelona. We have plans everywhere, any day, different prices and for all tastes and colors. Here we have named a few, but there are unlimited possibilities to enjoy the city 100%. You can take a look in magazines and blogs such as Time Out, A good day in Barcelona, Secret Barcelona… there you will find endless plans for everyone.
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