La Merçè 2022

La Merçè 2022

La Merçè 2022

Dear friends, we have the La Mercè 2022 parties just around the corner. In fact, they start this week and always coincide with the start of autumn.

The official day of La Merçè is September 24, but the festivities will be between September 23 and 26.

What are we celebrating? La Mercè 2022, the patron saint of Barcelona. Mother of God of Mercy. She is granted a few miracles linked to the city. The origin was on September 24, 1214, when the virgin appeared simultaneously to Jaime I, San Pedro Nolasc and San Ramón de Penyafort so that they would create a religious order with the purpose of rescuing Christian hostages in Saracen lands. Centuries later, in 1687, Barcelona was attacked by a plague of locusts and the people invoked the protection of the Mother of God of Mercy. At the end of the plague she was proclaimed patron saint of the city, becoming official in the year 1868. And we complain now that the bureaucracy today is slow… The Diocese took 200 years to officially proclaim her patron saint.

The first celebrations in her honor were 120 years ago, in 1902, consolidating year after year, becoming one of the most important celebrations in the country. In La Merçè 2022 they have brought together artists of all kinds, both local, national and international, offering free concerts in multiple public spaces.

La Merçè 2022 returns to the festivities without restrictions and with this they have recovered the legendary stages such as the one on Avenida María Cristina, Playa del Bogatell and Rambla del Raval. This year they open new spaces such as the University Zone, Ciutat Meridiana and Ronda de Sant Antoni and some that were created during the pandemic years remain, such as the Greek Theater, the Pla and Armengol Gardens and the Plaza de Nou Barris.

In these parties in Barcelona there are endless proposals, plans and concerts to attend; so organize your agenda well, squeeze your time and write down the schedules to be able to squeeze all the possibilities and enjoy your favorite artists. I leave you the official link of La Merçè 2022 so that you can find out about the entire musical program and get all the juice out of La Merçè 2022.

La Merçè 2022

La Merçè 2022 returns after two years with restrictions and with it the pyrotechnics return to Montjuïc, the emblematic space to close the festivities. This year the show will be made up of 5 different themes. The first is dedicated to Rome, this year’s guest city, playing Italian melodies to the sound of firecrackers. The second is dedicated to the empowerment of women playing music by local and international composers. The third block is dedicated to the Liceu de Barcelona to commemorate its 175th anniversary. The fourth period is dedicated to Peace, a subject unfortunately very current and very necessary in our days. And it ends with more danceable music so that the people of Barcelona say goodbye to the parties moving their bodies.

The pyromusical starts at 10:00 p.m. and one of the busiest points to see the fireworks is from Avenida María Cristina. We are going to tell you a secret, one of the most privileged places to see the fireworks is at the Las Arenas viewpoint. Remember that you have to have a reservation at one of the restaurants to be able to access the dome, and if it is in Abrassame, all the better.

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