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Hello friends, did you know that Juvé & Camps has more than 200 years of history? Imagine what it should be like to grape harvest with them, with more than 200 years of experience, generations taking care of their vineyards to squeeze the most out of the fruit and delight us with their famous wines and cavas.

Well, do not imagine that we have already told you how our Juvé & Camps friends carry out the harvest. You can also go to visit their cellars, always remember that it is much better to live the experience in the first person. We leave you the link where you can contact them and organize a visit with your family, friends and/or partner.




Let’s go to the subject in question, as we mentioned before, Juvé & Camps has more than 200 years of history, specifically it all started in 1796 with Mr. Joan Juvé Mir who founded the company thanks to his vision of the future. It is currently chaired by Mr. Joan Juvé, the fourth generation of the dynasty, the great-great-grandson of whom the story began.

Today the wineries own more than 450 hectares of land, 290 of which are exclusively vineyards. They have been working the land in a sustainable way for more than 10 years, being pioneers in making organic wines and cavas, being faithful to their principles and objectives, preserving nature and offering us products of maximum guarantee and maximum quality.

By implementing its values ​​based on effort and work, it achieved the rigorous certification of organic viticulture in 2015, activating practices such as the exploitation of the vineyard at low yields to obtain the highest quality of the grapes in a completely natural process. They have eliminated chemical insecticides and herbicides, replacing them only with 100% organic products. In addition, they leave land unsown for years so that the land can regenerate and rest. At Juvé & Camps they are very clear: quality begins in the vineyard.



The grape harvest is the most important moment of any winery. It is the process that will determine the quality of the cava. At Juvé & Camps they know this very well and they get up very early to pick the fruit by hand, why so soon? To avoid the high temperatures of the day and prevent the spontaneous fermentation of the grape, using scissors and cutting only healthy and whole bunches. They use small baskets so the grapes don’t get crushed. Once the container is filled, it is placed on the tractor trailer and they make the short drive to the warehouse. Here they do the second screening, at the selection table, destemming and choosing the best grapes to make the best wines and cavas. Now the grapes go through the first pressing, obtaining 50% of the grape juice, called the flower must. The liquid passes through the vats, they are stainless steel containers, where the first fermentation process will take place. The second fermentation is carried out in the bottle, a procedure that can last a long time, like its La Capella cava with 108 months of aging.

There are 3 phases to ferment and rest the cava:

The first in position, in rhyme. It sews to stack the bottles horizontally. In this way they manage to activate the yeasts, which cause the production of carbon dioxide. Responsible for this change are the lees, which are the remains of the coupage grapes that remain in suspension. Key element to guarantee the quality of cava. Juvé & Camps cavas classified as Gran Reserva leave their bottles to rest in this position for at least 30 months.

The second is at the desk. The bottle is tilted at an angle of about 45º, with the tip facing the ground. With this movement you get the lees to go down and rest towards the mouth of the neck of the bottle.

The third and last, pointed. Here they prepare the bottle for disgorgement, so that the lees are concentrated at the tip and can be easily removed.

The process of disgorgement comes. Here they freeze the neck of the bottle so that the lees are concentrated and can be easily removed when opening the cap. With this process, they also avoid losing part of the precious liquid and carbon dioxide. And the bottle would be ready for labelling and shipping to our house, Abrassame. *Note, imagine the level they have at Juvé & Camps, which have brands that are labelled by hand. Every detail counts and adds up.

The Juvé & Camps harvest, more than 200 years of history, the experience of 4 generations and always adding to what they do and how they do it.

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