The next October 21 is the world chef’s day. A prestigious profession that is now very fashionable thanks to the multiple cooking programs providing value, recognition and interest in the profession. What would we do without cooks?

Those who really enhanced the chef’s career in our country were the mothers and fathers of the kitchen, raising gastronomy to levels never seen before, such as when the boom in molecular cuisine arrived thanks to Ferran Adrià, with the help of the participation of chemicals to achieve its purpose. Even a simple olive became an expectation.

There are different types of chefs and cooks with a pyramidal hierarchy and very different tasks depending on the position they hold.


Chef Abrassame


At the top is the executive chef. What is he in charge of? She has a lot of responsibility, she is the first link in the kitchen and from him/her will derive the proper functioning of the rest of the team. She is the person in charge of food production, planning cards and menus, preparing scandals, direct contact with suppliers and hiring staff.

Sous-Chef or Sub-chef. He is the second cook and assistant to the executive chef. His most outstanding functions are to plan and direct how the dish is presented, organize the staff, train new chefs, prepare schedules and ensure that the dish arrives to the diner as previously agreed, with the highest quality to achieve satisfaction. total of the client.

Pastry Chef. As her name indicates, she is responsible for the desserts. She plans and develops the dessert, pastry and bakery menu.



Season or departure chef. There are stations according to the type of cuisine and needs of the restaurant and, consequently, a responsible person per departure. His functions are to make sure that the product is in perfect condition and that the dish is cooked and plated as agreed. They will also be in charge of preparing and loading the item before the service and note down the needs for the chef to make the corresponding purchases. At Abrassame we have 5 stations/starts.

Cold room: Salads, cold soups, cold starters and fish and meat served cold come from here.

Hot room: Here all the rice dishes and paellas are cooked. Soups, broths and main dishes also come out.

Fryer: In this game, all the fried dishes are cooked, such as the delicious ham croquettes, aubergines with honey, our bravas…

Show cooking fish: All the grilled fish and the monumental seafood platter come out of the charcoal oven

Show cooking meats: And, finally, the succulent meats such as the grilled meat and our old Simmental cow steak matured for 50 days.

To be a chef, in addition to studying and having professional experience, you must acquire operational and managerial knowledge. In addition to knowing how to cook, you must have leadership skills, work in a team, communicate in an affective way, manage conflicts and know how to work under pressure.

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