First meats,

Fish and fish

Succulent paellas

The restaurant distills the elegance and avant-garde character of this family.

Fish brought daily from the fish market, top quality meats and tasty paellas.


Hello friends, did you know that Juvé & Camps has more than 200 years of history? Imagine what it should be like to grape harvest with them, with more than 200 years of experience, generations taking care of their vineyards to squeeze the most out......

Dear friends, we have the La Mercè 2022 parties just around the corner. In fact, they start this week and always coincide with the start of autumn. The official day of La Merçè is September 24, but the festivities will be between September 23 and......

Tourism in Barcelona? In your own city? And why not? Although we are from here, there are always corners and points of interest to discover. And even more so in Barcelona, a city with endless hiding places, monuments, parks, museums, exhibitions… It is always a......

Restaurante Mediterraneo con vistas

“Various environments: the terrace with panoramic views , the intimate space of the winery , the private rooms with audiovisual equipment and the ShowCooking where to eat watching the cooks in action

Restaurant Barcelona Salo Privat
Our terrace
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