First meats,

Fish and fish

Succulent paellas

The restaurant distills the elegance and avant-garde character of this family.

Fish brought daily from the fish market, top quality meats and tasty paellas.


Barcelona, ​​12:00 noon, spring sun, What do we do? Does anyone have a plan? Let’s go to a viewpoint to enjoy the panoramic views of Barcelona! In Barcelona we have infinite options, wonderful natural terraces and wonderful architectural terraces where we can enjoy panoramic views......

Las Arenas Mall of Barcelona: History of a transformation, the story of our home. This article is dedicated to our house, Las Arenas Mall of Barcelona. We will make a trip back in time where we will explain the most important curiosities of this environment......

One of the most iconic traditions of Spanish cuisine, the Sunday paella. family or friends gather to talk about anything but that the next day is Monday. One of the most Mediterranean preparations that revolve around the second most cultivated cereal in the world, which......

Restaurante Mediterraneo con vistas

“Various environments: the terrace with panoramic views , the intimate space of the winery , the private rooms with audiovisual equipment and the ShowCooking where to eat watching the cooks in action

Restaurant Barcelona Salo Privat
Our terrace
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