First meats,

Fish and fish

Succulent paellas

The restaurant distills the elegance and avant-garde character of this family.

Fish brought daily from the fish market, top quality meats and tasty paellas.


Today October 16, World Food Day, a day to raise awareness that everyone is not lucky enough to put anything or very little in their mouths.   World Food Day was promoted by the UN in 1979. The objective is clear, to eradicate hunger, food......

What is the grape harvest? As the compound name indicates, it is to collect the grapes at their optimum moment of maturity.   The origins of the grape harvest go back to the origin of the wine itself. This thousand-year-old tradition comes from ancient Egypt,......

The Sants festivities begin when the Gracia neighbourhood festivities end. Go visit them if you haven’t had the chance. This year both commissions have been greatly affected by the restrictions and until the last minute, they did not know if they could celebrate the parties......

Restaurante Mediterraneo con vistas

“Various environments: the terrace with panoramic views , the intimate space of the winery , the private rooms with audiovisual equipment and the ShowCooking where to eat watching the cooks in action

Restaurant Barcelona Salo Privat
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